Injection moulding


We currently have several Engel and Boy injection moulding machines with a clamping force of up to 150 tons.

For example:                                                                                                      

  • ​Engel ES 750 /155 HL - Victory - clamping force 150 t                                                              

  • ​Engel ES 500 /90 HL-ST - clamping force 110 t

  • ​HS-150 - clamping force 60 t

  • BOY - 15 S - clamping force 22 t

The size of the final product can be from 2 g to 390 g, depending on material type.

Peripherals for injection moulding technology:

  • hot runner controllers

  • dryers and suckers (Piovan)

  • tempering devices (Wittmann)

We produce plastic products by the injection moulding technology, the most widespread technology for plastics production. Injection moulded parts are characterized by high shape and dimensional accuracy and perfect surface quality. Production costs are very low.

The principle of injection moulding technology is based on the repetition of individual steps of the production cycle. During the injection process, the plastic being processed is melted, injected into the injection mould and subsequently solidified into the end product, which is finally removed or "ejected" from the machine.

Advantages of the plastic injection moulding technology in a nutshell - thanks to the injection moulding technology, the costs of plastic parts production decrease while productivity increases and the resulting quality reaches the highest level.

Processed materials

PP, PS, ABS, SAN, PMMA, PA6, PC, materials with fillers, other materials according to customer requirements

Quality control

One of the pillars of our company is to maintain a high standard of quality. That is ensured by regular inspection and maintenance of machines, and by regular training of operating personnel. We emphasize independent process control and output control.